About Us


One Goal – Good Price with Good Quality

Carbon Addiction started off with two good high school friends that shared the same passion, CARS. As car enthusiasts in Australia, we have heard numerous people in the community that have had purchases from an online platform. Some were good, some were horrifyingly bad. As our University life came to an end, we decided to go on with the next chapter of our lives doing what we love, with one aim, delivering the best quality products with the best prices for the community. As two automotive enthusiasts who loved modifying cars and had a few cars featured in Australian Car Blogs and some from other countries, we wish to share our good quality products with good prices to all the car enthusiasts around the world by keeping our margins low and keeping the people of our kind happy.


Customer Service

At Carbon Addiction, other than production quality being our highest priority, our customer satisfaction is also aimed to be at a 100% by providing the best before sales and after sales service. Shop with confidence at Carbon Addiction knowing that we will always be here for you whenever you need us. You can always contact us whenever you have any enquiries.


Contact Information

Tel: +61 (0) 424 753 361

Email: sales.carbonaddiction.au@gmail.com